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NameOppo Dialer Apk (ODialer)
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Latest Versionv13.1.5
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Update25 January 2023

If you are looking for Oppo Dialer Apk. So now you are in the right place. Hello, friends welcome to Apk Proxy. In this post, I’m telling you about Oppo Dialer Apk.

At today’s time, everyone has an Android phone available. And everyone calls each other from their phones.

But ever since Android phone brands have pre-installed Google dialer in their phones, some people have started facing problems with their dialers because some disliked Google dialer.

Because whenever you call someone using Google dialer, Google dialer makes a call recording announcement, which is a negative thing.

Keeping this problem in mind, Oppo has launched its dialer named ODialer. ColorOS have created this app. And in today’s article, we will talk about this app.

Oppo Dialer Apk works 100% because I’m testing it on my android phone and tablet. So after reading this article you can easily download Oppo Dialer Apk For ColorOS 13 For Android 13 without any problem in 2023.

About Oppo Dialer APK

Oppo Dialer Apk is a dialer app for making phone calls. This app is great for making phone calls. In this, you do not need any recharge.

About Oppo Dialer APK
About Oppo Dialer APK

You have to install this app on your phone, and after that, you can use it for phone calls. This app works with Jio, Airtel, Wai, and all other telecom networks.

To use this dialer, you have to install it on your Android phone. After that, you can use it easily. You have not faced any problems while using this dialer.

Features Of Oppo Dialer APK

Oppo Dialer Apk Comes With Many Useful Features Like:

Call Management

The new update includes a call management feature that allows you to view recent calls organized into groups for your convenience. This makes it easy to find and reference previous calls.

Call Recording

This dialer also includes a call recording feature that allows you to record your calls manually or automatically. This can be useful for recording essential conversations or for later reference.

Dial Pad

A dial pad feature has been added, allowing you to make phone calls using speed dial quickly. This can save you time when calling the same number repeatedly.

Contact Management

This dialer comes with a contact management feature, which makes it very easy for you to manage your contacts and easily find the contact you want to call, making this app even more special.

Optimized Fonts for Readability

The new update optimizes the fonts on the device for better readability, which is helpful for people with vision problems.

Large Folders on Home Screen

Larger folders have been added to the home screen, allowing users to open apps in enlarged folders with just a single tap and navigate through folders easily by swiping.

Improved Kid Space

A new feature has been added to Kid Space, which includes phone distance, ambient light, and seating posture reminders for kids. This feature helps protect children’s eyes and promote healthy habits.

Advanced Private Safe

The Private Safe feature has been optimized to its advanced level to improve privacy.

Customizable Home Screen

Personalizing the home screen just got easier with adding new widgets to the home screen.

Enhanced Screenshot Editing

The ability to edit screenshots has been improved with new and advanced editing tools.

Child-Friendly Browser

When in Kid Space, the browser app automatically switches to Kids Mode, creating a kid-friendly space.

Improved Media Playback

Media playback controls have been enhanced by adding new features to improve device speed and optimize the Quick Settings experience.

Optimized Widget Design

Widget design is optimized for easy and fast information access and use.

Eye Comfort Shield in Kid Space

To protect children’s eyes an Eye Comfort Shield has been added to the Kid Space to protect children’s vision from direct light.

Optimized Screencast

Users will now have access to optimized screencasts for more seamless interconnection, with the cast content automatically adapted to the target screen.

Insight Always-On Display

The Always-On Display (AOD) feature now includes Insight, with more personalization options available in the Always-On Display settings.

Optimized Portrait Silhouette Always-On Display

AOD features now include an optimized portrait silhouette Always-On Display, with more drawing tools and line colors available.

Enhanced Security

Security has been enhanced by adding an encryption standard (AES), which is used to encrypt all files to improve the safety of private files.

Hyper-Boost GPA 4.0

The device’s performance has been upgraded with Hyper-Boost GPA 4.0, stabilizing frame rates and balancing performance and power consumption when playing high graphic games.

Bitmoji and Omoji

The device now includes Bitmoji and Omoji, allowing you to express yourself with Always-On Display animations and customized avatars fully.

New UI

You will see a brand new ui in this dialer, which will improve your user experience even more. You also get to see many new features in this new ui, which makes your user experience even better.

Oppo Dialer APK Download

Oppo Dialer Apk (ODialer) is a good dialer for your phone. Suppose you are an Oppo or Realme phone user. If your phone has been updated to Android 13 and you use ColorOS 13 or Realme UI, then this dialer is best for you.

Oppo Dialer APK Download
Oppo Dialer APK Download

Because this dialer supports Android 12 or later versions. And inside it, you do not get to see any ads. And this app is made by official ColorOS, which increases your trust in this app even more.

There are many exciting features in the Oppo dialer Apk that you can use. If you are troubled by your phone’s Google dialer, this is a good dialer.

So, what are you waiting for? Oppo Dialer APK Download right now.

How to set Oppo Dialer Apk (ODialer) as the default dialer on your Device

  • Go to the home screen of your Oppo phone and open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select “Apps.”
  • Click “Set as default” and tap “Phone app.”
  • Select “ODialer Apk” to set this app as the default dialer app on your Oppo phone
  • After following these steps, ODialer will be the default dialer app on your Oppo phone and will be used for all phone calls.

How to Download and Install Oppo Dialer Apk

  • First You Need to Download Oppo Dialer Apk from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Oppo Dialer Apk is the best dialer app for your smartphone if you are looking for a perfect dialer app. 

The new update for the Oppo dialer app includes various new and improved features that should help enhance the overall user experience.

If you face any problems while downloading the Oppo Dialer Apk, please comment below, and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Remember to bookmark our blog Apk Proxy for the most recent updates on this game.


Can I record calls on the Oppo dialer app?

Yes, the Oppo Dialer app includes a call recording feature that allows you to manually or automatically record your calls.

Can I customize the home screen on the Oppo dialer app?

Yes, the Oppo Dialer app includes a feature that allows you to customize the home screen by adding new widgets.

Can I manage my contacts on the Oppo dialer app?

Yes, the Oppo Dialer app includes a contact management feature that allows you to manage your contacts in one place easily.

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