Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP

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NameDemon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP
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SupportedPSP, Android
Update27 October 2023

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Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP

Demon Slayer PPSSPP is a fighting video game based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP

It was developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Aniplex for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in 2020.

The game follows the anime story, where the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, becomes a demon slayer after his family is attacked and killed by demons.

His sister Nezuko also survives but is turned into a demon. Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps to find a way to turn his sister back into a human.

In the game, players control Tanjiro and other characters from the Demon Slayer series in one-on-one fighting matches.

The gameplay resembles other 3D arena fighting games like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series.

Players can perform various combos and special moves using each character’s distinct fighting style from the anime.

The game features a story mode that allows players to experience pivotal events and battles from the Demon Slayer story.

There is also a versus mode for multiplayer battles locally or online. Additional gameplay modes include time attack, survival, and practice.

Demon Slayer PPSSPP has cel-shaded anime-style graphics that resemble the anime’s visuals.

The game includes Japanese voice acting from the anime cast to make it feel more authentic. The upbeat soundtrack also contains music from the show.

Demon Slayer PPSSPP brings the popular anime and manga series to life in video game form.

Fans can play as their favorite characters, re-experience iconic fights, and battle it out in intense demon slayer action.

The simple controls and multiplayer options help make it an accessible fighting game for PSP owners and Demon Slayer fans.

Features Of Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP comes with many exciting features:


Based on the events of the first season of the anime series, along with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train, the game’s single-player story mode follows Tanjiro Kamado, the series’ main character, as he joins the Demon Slayer Corps and faces off against various demons to turn his sister Nezuko, who has become a demon, back into a human.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP Gameplay

The story features some exploration elements and is told through various cutscenes and boss battles with demons seen in the anime series.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP also features a versus mode, where players make teams of two fighters from the roster and battle CPU opponents or other people. The game supports both local and online multiplayer.


Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP has various gameplay modes that allow players to experience the game differently. The main modes are:

Story Mode

This mode lets players experience the main story events from the anime. Key story battles are recreated where players control characters like Tanjiro Kamado as he fights demons and progresses to become a demon slayer. The story mode has cutscenes and dialogue to relive the anime narrative.

Versus Mode

Versus mode allows 1v1 battles against either computer-controlled opponents or local multiplayer versus a friend.

Players can test their skills and master combat mechanics against the AI or go head-to-head against another player using their favorite characters.

Survival Mode

In survival mode, players fight endless waves of demon enemies to see how long they can survive.

It provides an intense combat challenge as more difficult demons appear in later waves. Players aim for a high survival score.

Training Mode

Training mode is a practice area where players can learn combo attacks, practice special techniques, and experiment with each character’s moveset. Useful for becoming skilled with the game’s combat system.

Graphics and Animation

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP uses cel-shaded 3D anime graphics that mimic the visual style of the popular Demon Slayer anime. Characters and backgrounds are colorful and detailed.

The game prioritizes smooth and flashy animations for combat moves and abilities. Like the anime source material, it makes the fights appear vibrant and stylistic.

Characters and Voice Acting

The starting roster has ten playable characters from the anime, including Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Giyu, and Shinobu. More characters can be unlocked through story mode progression.

All characters are voiced by the original Japanese anime cast to stay authentic. Iconic moves from each character are animated vividly.

Characters List

The game first came out with 18 characters. It included six who were in the spin-off anime called Chuukou Ikkan!! Kimetsu Gakuen Monogatari.

Later, six more characters were added for free through updates. Also, seven other characters were added through downloadable content that could be bought.

In total, after all the updates and downloads, there were 31 characters able to be played in the game.

  • Academy Giyu Tomioka
  • Academy Inosuke Urokodaki
  • Academy Nezuko Kamado
  • Academy Shinobu Kocho
  • Academy Tanjiro Kamado
  • Academy Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Akaza
  • Daki
  • Enmu
  • Giyu Tomioka
  • Gyutaro
  • Hinokami Tanjiro Kamado
  • Inosuke Hashibira
  • Inosuke Hashibira (Entertainment District Arc)
  • Kyojuro Rengoku
  • Makomo
  • Murata
  • Nezuko Kamado
  • Nezuko Kamado (Awakened Form)
  • Rui
  • Sabito
  • Sakonji Urokodaki
  • Shinobu Kocho
  • Susamaru
  • Tanjiro Kamado
  • Tanjiro Kamado (Entertainment District Arc)
  • Tengen Uzui
  • Yahaba
  • Yushiro & Tamayo
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma

Gameplay Mechanics

The controls allow pulling off light and heavy attacks, combos, ranged abilities, guarding, and signature breathing techniques familiar to Demon Slayer fans.

Controls are simple but have depth for dedicated mastery. Players can enhance skills with unlockable abilities by leveling up characters. Motion controls also allow the execution of special moves.

Music and Sound

The instrumental soundtrack features music composed for the anime. Energetic battle tracks are synced dynamically with the action on screen.

Japanese voice acting and sound effects are also present to further recreate the atmosphere of Demon Slayer.

Local Multiplayer

Besides 1v1 battles, some modes support local co-op and multiplayer. Friends can team up in story battles or compete in various modes.

Multiplayer expands play options beyond single-player and gives the game replay value.

Customization Options

The game lets players customize their chosen characters in different ways. Players can unlock new costumes, equip items that boost stats, change color palettes, and more. It lets players make their fighters look unique and stronger.

More Playable Characters

Along with the main cast, the PPSSPP version adds some fan-favorite playable characters from the manga/anime, like Inosuke Hashibira, Kyojuro Rengoku, and Akaza. It expands the roster beyond the original game.

New Game Modes

Extra game modes include a timed obstacle course for speedrunning, a boss rush mode against powered-up demons, and a co-op horde survival mode.

These new modes provide fun challenges outside the main story and versus battles.

How to Download and Install Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP

  • First, You Need to Download Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP from the download button.
  • After Downloading, Extract the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP Zip File.
  • Open the PPSSPP emulator.
  • Select the game.
  • Play and Enjoy.

Final Words

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles PPSSPP authentically adapts the Demon Slayer franchise into a 3D arena fighter.

Anime fans can control their favorite characters, relive the story, and experience flashy slayer action through its various gameplay modes and faithfully crafted anime visual presentation.

Finally, you will like this game if you love playing Action-Adventure Games. If you face any problems while downloading the Demon Slayer PPSSPP Highly Compressed, please comment below, and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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Is Demon Slayer the Hinokami Chronicles a fighting game?

Yes, It is a fighting game.

Is there multiplayer support?

Local ad-hoc multiplayer is supported for battling friends. The online multiplayer modes are not included in the PSP version.

Does it have the full story mode from the console version?

Yes, the PPSSPP port includes the complete story mode covering the anime’s first season. All the major cutscenes and fights are included.

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